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DayZ Modded Map inspired by Hashima, commonly called Gunkanjima (meaning Battleship Island), an abandoned island off Nagasaki created by CreepyCrappyShow
Hashima Islands is based on real history and real terrains. However, some aspects of the content have been fictionalized for the purposes of gameplay. I do not claim ownership over any copyrighted material that may be present in Hashima Islands. All copyrighted material belongs to their respective owners. This mod is intended for personal and non-commercial use only. I'm not responsible for any damage that may occur to your game while using this mod. Use at your own risk.
Brand and Typography
Kosugi Maru Font by Motoya
Kotojitoro Soundtrack by Joseph Beg
Custom Objects
Audiola by Tom Seddon
Banana Bomb by Axon.DigitalArt
Ghost in the Shell Mask by naxete
Grenade Type 91 by C.U.V
Hattori Hanzo by abr-AMMO-v
Howa Type 20 by Hung Do
Improvised Grenade Launcher by Morvos
Kit Arcades by Renafox
Kit Billboards by CreepyCrappyShow
Kit Misc by CreepyCrappyShow
Kit Kokeshi by marzipanne
Kit Neon Signs #01 #02 #03 by alexbes
Kit Signs by CreepyCrappyShow
Kit Signs Roads by nimikko
Kokeshi by miltonhdr1
Nintendo 64 Cart by Chris Sweetwood
Poké Ball by Phil Gosch
Question Mark Block by owensmowen
Rokuoh-Sha Type 89 by TLaCroix
Twin Peaks Key Tag by Edoardo Galati
OXO Tamagotchi by nyancube
Sailor Moon Tamagotchi by Aldemona
Events System
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History and Events